Indira Gandhi Homoeopathic Medical College, Hospital and Research Center

Noble Homoeopathic Charitable Hospital was established on 1995 Now it has 100 beds Up till now more than thousands of patients have been successfully treated here. The Hospitals objective is to provide the best treatment and facilities at the lowest possible price. The hospital is fully dedicated in providing health care services with a human touch. Our main objective is to provide a state of the art-equipped hospital staffed with highly qualified doctors and paramedical staff. The Hospital presently provides all preventive, curative, and teaching services. A quick glance at Noble homoeopathic charitable hospital and research centre:-
1. Dedicated operation theatres equipped to undertake common surgical operations procedures a urosurgical and orthopedic GI surgery and obst. & gynae minimal access surgical procedures.
2. Obstetric services.
     a. Outdoor treatment facility from 8 AM to 8 PM
    b. Sound baking of pathology and biochemistry lab equipped with fully automated biochemistry analyzers, Cell Counter,
     c. 24 hrs. Trauma and orthopedic services
     d. Dietitianadvice
3. The college has its own well-equipped hospital with all the required departments functioning . There are 10 Peripheral OPDs, located at a distance of 5-10 Km. that caters to the medical needs of rural population.


A pathological diagnostic centre has been established wherein all routine investigations are done at a very reasonable cost. KNEE AND MUSCULOSKELETAL CLUB In the hospital premises, Knee and Spine club have been started to serve patients suffering from musculo-skeletal problems. The members of the club get a comprehensive management for their problems through a unique combination of Yoga, Acupuncture, Physiotherapy, Massage along with Homoeopathy.


Well qualified and experienced Physiotherapist and Yoga instructor treat patients with the help of modern high tech physiotherapy equipments to ease out their musculoskeletal problems. Daily two hours session of Physiotherapy, Acupuncture and Yoga exercises along with provision for transport facility are made available for the patients.


A massage centre has been recently established where body massage is given by a trained masseur as per the advice of the concerned specialist. Specific massage oils are used along with homoeopathic medicines for the same purpose.


The hospital is running 100- bedded IPD where the average rate of bed occupancy is 30 to 40 patients per day. Treatment includes homoeopathic medication along with sessions of physiotherapy, yoga and massage. A well trained nursing staff is always present for regular monitoring of patient's health condition.


The institution has been running successfully ten peripheral OPDs, in the rural areas surrounding Dhar district. The institution is providing absolutely free treatment at these clinics. A team of regular full time Medical Officers, Post Graduate Doctors & Pharmacists has been deputed at each of these OPDs. The clinics are running six days in a week from 9 a.m. Our students are also engaged in domiciliary health care services as well as providing health awareness by organizing camps in different villages from time to time. The average attendance of patients in the peripheral OPD is around 250-300 patients per day. Following activities are also carried out at peripheral OPD:
(a) Health survey (community health services)
(b) School health programmes.
(c) Conduction of regular camps.
(d) Celebration of various World Health Days in coordination with Dept. of Community medicine.
4. Continuous Research is going on for the following diseases:-

Sickle Cell Anaemia:-

Till today hardly anybody had done any documented work on such Genetic Disorders. This was our first attempt so far. When we gone through the all these two years, we have found that Homoeopathic Medicines are competitively far more effective than the routine Modern Medicine. Our research work is going on and we hope to fetch some great results which can create a revolution.


We are in collaborative research with Dr. Peter Chapple, London. He has created a new approach for this disease. We have started clinical testing of medicine PC1 (Pandemic medicine for HIV/AIDS). 5. We offer special treatments for diseases like Paralysis, Epilepsy, Migraine and other chronic diseases. 6. Free pathological facility is provided to people below poverty line.